Social Skills

A few tips on maintaining relationships


Men often have many friends in their life and also many girlfriends. But sometimes the relationships they have with the girl becomes a little monotonous and the girl may show you less interest over time. There is no one who can teach you how to run your personal life, but with the following tips, you can learn how to turn a girl on and keep her interested in you. Always remember though that each girl is unique and you will have to tailor them to suit your particular situation.

Be spontaneous


Did you know that the worst thing that can happen to a relationship is monotony? Doing the same thing over and over again each day can make a person feel bored and depressed. Your girl can also feel the same if you always go to the same mall, eat in the same places and do the same things each time you go out. If you want to keep your girlfriends interest, try to do something different like sending her flowers to her work place. You can also try booking a cruise for the two of you one weekend if you can afford it. Make sure that it is a surprise and she will definitely feel more special.

Intimate time

Let’s face it; every man wants to have some time between the sheets with their lady. Sometimes, your girl may not be in the mood, and this may make you feel down. Always, keep in mind that it is your duty to get her in the mood and it can be done by simply preparing a nice dinner for the two of you at home. Open a decent bottle of wine, dim the lights and play some romantic music. When she comes to your place, offer to give her a foot massage, and she will be in heaven. Doing these little things will make her feel better and get her hormones working which in turn will mean that you will get some love later on.

Be a little mysterious

jetdkjmswGirls like a bit of mystery from their man, It does not mean that you must be an international gentleman spy. But you can create the feeling by doing things with flair and having some suave. Get her to meet you in a place that she would not expect and plan a wonderful day doing things she likes, and she will definitely be turned on by your interest in giving her a good time.


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